cycling (and surfing) the americas

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photo: Manuel Alejandro


five or six years ago, some friends and i had an idea...

in a backyard in suburban Melbourne, as we did weird things that could only be explained by the delirium of a hangover, we conjured up a plan to drive a car packed with surfboards from Alaska to Patagonia. all these years later – exchanging the car for a bicycle (and hopefully a surfboard) and going solo – i am trying to make that idea into reality.

this space may be filled with ramblings, photos, quotes, interviews or just plain rubbish. i'm not really sure yet. we'll just have to wait and see, i guess.


you can check out some shots of the trip on rolls of 35mm film in the menu, or jump across here for some words.  

i’m having an exhibition at the northern rivers community gallery. located in ballina, northern nsw, the exhibition of 35mm photographs will tell the stories of the people and places i met on the journey. you can find out more about it over here.